7 upcoming future trends in women fashion industry that you are not aware of!!!

What will be trending in women's fashion?

the future of fashion keeps on changing day by day and guessing the next trend is impossible for most of the people !!So me and my fashion team started a new research about the new trends that can be trending in the coming days!! Hope you guys like it
And the list goes like this !
1.- Scarves:
These are one of the best fusion accessories. Versatile and pocket-friendly, they add a desi touch to any outfit. The most common way to wear scarves is with a pair of denims and your favorite top/t-shirt. You can also carry it with dresses, skirts and more!

2.- Slits:
Let slits define your style this season! In Front or on sides, in dresses or kurtis, slits are rocking the fashion circuits this season. Pair front slit kurtis with high waist pants (every woman surely has a pair these) and a pair of stilettos- you will turn every head your way !

3.-Shirt with Ethnic Skirt
A shirt being formal wear when paired with an ethnic skirt, the style which blooms out is Indo-western. Don’t you think? In today’s fashion world, wearing a skirt with shirt has become the ruling fashion that is very timeless, affordable, effortless and chic for many of you.

4.-Checkered Power Blazers with Shoulder Pads
While the return of the ’90s fashion may still be going solid, there was a noticeable ’80s item in the mix this season. Yes, the power blazer is back. Complete with bold shoulder pads, this fashion staple from 30 years ago is on-trend once more. To rock it for yourself, be sure to choose a style with a vintage check design and an oversize silhouette.
5.- Side Stripe Trousers 
 Racing stripes aren’t just for cars. Rendering to the street style set, they’re also for pants. Perfect for power-walking from one fashion show to the next, side-striped trousers were dotted on the streets this month. The statement trousers, which boast a leg-lengthening effect, look best in dark shades with a bold side stripe or two.

6.-Ethnic jackets, capes and ponchos:
These are the highlight of this year. Embellished or plain, the fashion world is going crazy with these. It looks great over denims, long skirts or simple salwars suits!
Blended fabrics of poly nylon and, cotton will be ideal. A right choice of fabric is more important, as some of them loose their shine and get spoil quickly once they get wet. So, avoid crepe and chiffon clothes at monsoon. Capri and beach wear designed with a proper fit will flatter the shape and also protect the wearer from wet conditions. Cool casuals for the season would be jeans fitted with a cotton shirt.

source -quora ,google and my fashion team

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